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What is in a Turtles Chocolate Caramel Nut Clusters?

Three ingredients that can perk up any palate or day, Turtles® clusters are bursting with crunchy pecans, creamy caramel, and all wrapped up in luscious chocolate. The taste of the original caramel nut cluster is made to delight.

The Turtles® Story

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With an unforgettable shape and unique ingredients, Chicago candy maker, George DeMet struck gold with Turtles® caramel nut clusters in 1916. DeMet’s Madison Street candy shop took the chocolate industry by storm by revolutionizing the classic sweet treat of chocolate-dipped-pecans.

By adding gooey caramel into the mix with crunchy pecans and a luscious chocolate shell, a decadent new idea was created. Named for the iconic shape the original nut cluster resembles, the exceptional combination of flavors and ingredients in a Turtles® nut cluster was a new taste everyone loved.

Chocolate turtles with caramel and pecans


It’s no surprise that Turtles® clusters have been popular for more than 100 years. The original caramel nut cluster filled with crunchy pecans, creamy caramel, and luscious chocolate was just the beginning. Today, Turtles® nut clusters can be found across the nation in a multitude of sizes perfect for any occasion to make every moment sweeter. From its roots in a Chicago candy shop a century ago, Turtles® have become a treat craved by generations and shows no signs of slowing down.

What are we made of?

Crunchy Pecans

Let’s start at the heart with the crisp-and-crunchy surprise you’ll find inside—that frankly, we’re nuts about.

Creamy Caramel

Our rich, smooth caramel is at the center of it all: ooey-gooey goodness!

Luscious Chocolate

What better way to cover our Turtles® caramel nut clusters caramel nut clusters than with a silky-smooth shell of chocolate?

Meet the Crew

Turtles® clusters are perfectly sized to delight.




Ready for Something Delicious?

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